Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Norton Support Phone Number

Want to access a reliable source to fetch an effective support solution for your ill-functioning Norton 360 anti-virus software program? Don’t worry, there are some dependable third-party technicians who you can depend upon reliably for all types of technical problems what you are experiencing with Norton 360. And it is even simpler and more convenient to access them using their dedicated customer support phone number for Norton®, which is +1-800-961-1963.

Here this write-up throws lights on some important things that you can check and understand how to get the anti-virus software program repaired, for as long as you want, with the help of independent technicians.

Norton has been one of very few security solutions for computer systems (no matter which operating system is being used) for last several years and the developer Symantec keeps on meeting the requirements by introducing advanced features and applications to the security solution. Presently, the developer has introduced some advanced editions categorically for different requirements. And Norton 360 is one among the newly-introduced anti-virus software suites, which promise to render increased security against sophisticated malware programs.

However, aside from its high-end capabilities, the security solution doesn’t have a complete immunity to common challenges. Even after releasing persistent updates and patches to repairs issues in the anti-virus software, users are approaching  customer support phone number for Norton® in search of a quick fix.

Quick solutions to address issues with Norton:

Though Symantec does have a support policy for its users, but it is not as useful and worthwhile as the same offered by a third party Norton technical help service provider. On the other hand, their support is not rendered as fast as the same extended by independent technicians.

In such conditions, accessing a third party technician can be a sensible decision if your Norton 360 is not working properly. And once the anti-virus software installed on your computer system fails to meet the requirements suitably, your entire data files and important information are exposed to feasible malware attack.

With scores of independent technicians available in the market, you should always be aware of some important credentials. If you don’t want to dive into the sea of service providers, then visit and get your issues resolved soon without any technical hurdle.

How can you access an independent technician?

As mentioned above, it is quite simple and easy to approach an independent technician through their Norton telephone support mechanism. What you have to do is dialing the 24/7 toll-free tech help phone number +1-800-961-1963 and having a direct conversation with experienced technicians.

How unsafe you are if Norton is not working on your PC:

If you take a note over the feasible risks and challenges caused by ill-functioning or non-functioning Norton anti-virus software suite, you will probably get stunned after knowing your personal details and data files turn out to be exposed to cybercriminals at all time.

Wherever you go, your every activity, including financial transactions can be mapped by goons and thus they can exploit your data information to get their objectives fulfilled. According to a data, about 600 million computer users across the globe were influenced by cyber goons last year in some ways.

So, if you don’t want these things to happen to you simply because your Norton antivirus program doesn’t work properly, you would better dial Norton 360 support phone number and get a quick access to certified technicians right away.
In addition to these issues, here are some common problems that can plague the anti-virus program defectively:

  • Inconsistency in PC Performance After installing Norton 360
  • Update/ Upgrade Issues
  • Conflict with Windows Registry
  • Norton Auto-fix Error 8504, 8506, 5013, 5022, 3039, 3048, 3047
  • Incompatibility with other programs

On the other hand, some advanced issues have also been detected by some users while using the software suite:

  • Scanning procedure stops before it reaches 100%.
  • Unable to locate Norton Identity Safe toolbar Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • I can’t launch the Norton anti-virus product.

As Microsoft Windows 10 OS is running on millions computer systems, Symantec manages to meet the contemporary challenges identified by Windows 10 users. With the new operating system platform, a number of users have been reported to witness some sorts of issues as mentioned below. Try calling technical support team to  customer support for fix Norton Antivirus errors .

  • Norton 360 not compatible with some applications on Windows 10 OS.
  • Unable to find Norton Identity Safe on Microsoft Edge.
  • Unable to start the software suite after upgrading to Windows 10.

These are some common issues that you may come across while using the anti-virus software program for your computer system. It is no longer an easy to overcome the situation if you don’t have any technical help service subscription. And when the official support subscription ends in few months, then it turns out to be a vulnerable condition if you don’t access a reliable independent technician soon.
What is need of the hour is selecting a right technician based on your requirements and his technical credentials and thus you can always make it possible to keep your computer system and data files safe against potential threats.

Don’t wait, simply dial Norton support phone number +1-800-961-1963 at Intelli Atlas Inc. and keep your Norton as healthy as you require.    

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