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800-961-1963-Help to Install Norton Endpoint Protection Certificate and How to Fix Norton Blue-Screen Error

1.  Symantec Norton Gives Blue-Screen and Kernel Memory Corruption Error Message

Norton antivirus software has been developed by Symantec Corporation to provide a complete shield from online virus attacks and helps in removing it instantly from your computer system. The software is used worldwide due to its excellent protection ability from different kinds of threats. But, there are some technical issues which may bother you while using this software. If your computer system is giving an online corruption error message or blue screen warning after installing an antivirus program, then you need to visit Norton® support page for help on Norton 360 blue screen warning or error message.

Symantec said, “Such malformed PE files can be received through incoming email, downloading of a document or application, or by visiting a malicious website.”  Ormandy said, “On Windows, this results in kernel memory corruption, as the scan engine is loaded into the kernel (wtf!!!), making this a remote ring0 memory corruption vulnerability -- this is about as bad as it can possibly get”. In case your Norton antivirus product is causing blue screen error on the system, you need to bank upon tech support providing companies. So, you better dial Norton® tech support phone number if your Norton causing blue screen and warning error message. By dialing the phone number, you can conveniently get the live chat tech support for fixing the technical issue in a hassle-free manner. Read more at

2.  Norton Revealed Millennials are at Risk Online

In order to improve the performance of your computer system, you need to opt for Norton antivirus software program on your system. Norton customers use antivirus security software to protect their tablet, smartphone, laptop from an intense range of online threats. You can simply download the latest version of an antivirus product to protect your online data from the rapid growth of the virus. But according to the recent research, it has been revealed that millennials are very close to the risk of online attacks. And they are not taking a right action for getting a comprehensive protection from online crime. You can dial support number for Norton® to get help on Norton risk assessment and Norton cybercrime report. Customers can also get in touch with a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, to get an immediate tech help.

In the nationwide poll of 1,000 Australians, out of which more than half are aged under 35, found that online security concerns are quite strong among millennials, on the other hand, 62 percent are worried about their online information, and 50% are concerned about who can easily view see their information online. Furthermore, the online research also discovered that half millennials are bothered about their personal theft. Despite these issues, the research revealed that 72 percent of people don’t have security software, 58% are not running usual security updates on their PC, 48 % do not use complicated passwords, and 72 percent do not back up their system on a regular basis. You can visit support for Norton® page if your Norton is at risk and not fixed. By visiting the support page of Norton, you can effortlessly get a perfect technical support via a certified Norton technician. Read more at

3. How to Install the Certificate for Symantec Endpoint Protection

A popular antivirus security program from Symantec has been created to defend your computer system against the online threats in a quick span of time. Norton antivirus software program aims at protecting your data and information from an intense range of Spyware, Malware, and Trojan concerns. On the other hand, the prime function of encryption is to shield the digital data stored on your computer system or transferred via the internet. Therefore, both are completely different from each other. You can visit Symantec page for Norton support for help on Norton 360 encryption and Norton firewall. For receiving technical support for Norton antivirus software, you can contact a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

Savvides, Symantec APAC cyber security strategy manager, said, “Encryption and privacy are not the same thing.” Encryption is mainly a privacy ‘enhancing tool’ for your online data. Savvides further said that privacy is all about supervising the information which is collected by you, how the collected data needs to be handled, and much more. He further added that most of the online website owners do not use Norton encryption to secure their online information from daily online threat attacks. According to Internet Threat Security Report, almost 97 percent of websites do not use any basic security in addition to 75 contain unpatched vulnerabilities, among them 16 percent of the websites are critical. You can dial Symantec Norton support number for Norton encryption software and Norton 360 encryption for getting an instant technical support for Norton encryption software. Read more at

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